We have a tie up with Edelweiss Broking Ltd. Edelweiss is one of the leading Brokerage Houses in India and with the ACE Edge you get a combo of best online and offline trading/investment facilities along with our quality research.



Time, tide, and the markets wait for none. That’s precisely why our desktop trading software has been engineered to achieve speed similar to that of a trading terminal.








mobile trader

Can’t stop thinking about the share market? Neither can we. That’s why we’ve designed this one-of-a-kind mobile trading application that lets you carry the share market in your pocket

Available for both iOS and Android.






A trading terminal on the web? If it CAN be done, we’ve already DONE IT. A first of its kind, this revolutionary web trading platform combines the agility of a trading terminal with the
vastness of the web.


Except all this, access to the Indian Markets is just a call away.








Having started of as Retail Traders & Investors, we totally understand how difficult it is to make money from the stock markets. A lot of research advisors and analysts have popped up in the markets over last few years which is why a lot people have had bad experiences.

While we talk about Research it is very important to understand that there is no method which is 100% accurate, neither any of these advisories claiming to provide Sureshot Calls are legit.

It is very important to know your requirements, goals, availability of funds and then plan on how to play how to markets.

We use Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and News-based Developments to provide you with some of the best trading and investment ideas.

Mr. Prem Doshi who is the founding head of our firm, writes a free blog “” where he has been posting free notes on companies he finds value in. You can log on now and check the track record since 2014 of discussed stocks and how they have performed.


Value investing ideas, Growth Investing Ideas, Portfolio Advice, Portfolio Management. We offer everything an Investor seeks in the markets utilizing Fundamental Analysis to its full potential.


Intraday, BTST, STBT, Short-Term, Stock Futures, Options, etc. You have all your trading needs covered with us.


Want to build a portfolio and simultaneously increase your capital with some smart trading. Don’t worry we have got your back!


We have some unique offerings with the X-Factor to change how India trades or invests.


Unique solution for HNIs, individuals, corporates holding a big chunk of stake in any small or mid cap. We try to negotiate a deal for your stake without any significant brokerage burden on you.  We will utilize our network to find a Buyer or Seller for your company of choice and the deal has to go through our platforms at nominal normal brokerage rates. Click to know more.


e.g. Government is announcing a new policy for the retail sector, but which stock to buy and how many to buy? We have the answer in the form of our new product BOX. Why worry when you can buy a BOX of profits Click to know more.

i am feeling lucky

Stock Market is not a zone to gamble but at-least the stock market is more rewarding than a casino. So if Its your lucky day and you want to try your luck with a fixed amount of risk. Call up our dealer between 9 to 3:30 and just say I am Feeling Lucky and the amount of capital you want to play with and the amount of maximum risk you are willing to take. As and when we have a trading opportunity we will give you a call and with your consent place your bets on a well researched Intraday or BTST trading idea.