A lot of HNIs, organizations and groups trade significant quantity in midcap & small cap stocks. In order to buy or sell a chunk they need to contact unorganized brokers who get the deal negotiated but charge extremely high percentage of brokerage.


Whether you are buying or selling a Block, why should the deal go through unorganized brokers at high costs?


This has remained a grey area in the overall transparent functioning of Indian Stock Market over the years. 


With Blox, Our primary objective is to reinforce transparency and provide a better service at significantly lower cost.


If you want to buy/sell any mid-cap small-cap company shares in a significant quantity and want us to scout a deal for you. Feel free to write to us at or Call us on : +91-9163555553.





Blox works in a very simple manner. Here is an example :-

Mr.A holds 3 lakh shares of ABC Ltd and he wants to sell it but he is not getting a buyer for the same.

Mr. A contacts us, Opens a Free Demat & Trading account with us, Transfers his shares of ABC Ltd into the new demat account opened with us.

We start searching for a buyer via our strong network.

We find Mr.B who is interested in purchasing the ABC Ltd shares from Mr.A.

Mr.B opens a free demat & trading account with us.

Our dealer executes the transaction at nominal brokerage rates.

100% Transparent transaction done at significantly lower cost.